Insulation resistance meter


MEG-1000, Isolation meter

Code: M15051.

  • Scale: 90º
  • Accuracy: 1,5
  • Measure: 0 … 500 kΩ 0,5 … 5 MΩ
  • Frequency (Hz): 50…60
  • Impedance (Ω): 0 … 500 kΩ, 0,5 … 5 MΩ



  • The MEG-S unit has a backlit LCD display and it is used to take insulation (MΩ), continuity ( Ω) and AC voltage readings.
  • Press a button for instantaneous operation. In addition, in the case of taking continuous readings of MΩ or Ω, the unit has a builtin timer with automatic disconnection after 3 to 5 minutes to save on the consumption of batteries
  • LED indicator (red) to check the insulation and continuity
  • Use of the high-performance and accuracy DC-DC converter
  • Carrying case
  • Specially designed to measure the insulating resistance of domestic electrical appliances, distribution of energy lines and installations.
  • Cable for the conductor insulation test.
  • Cable for the insulation test against the appliance body.


MEG-1000 measures and controls the insulation resistance between phase and earth in a neutral insulated or impedance line (IT), with the use of relays. The insulation resistance can be displayed with a galvanometric indicator located on the front of the unit. To carry out the measurements, the unit applies a continuous voltage of 24 V between the phase and earth, measuring the leakage current circulating through the network insulation resistors. This current determines the insulation resistance. The unit has two timed output relays, one acts as the maximum (triggered when the insulation resistance is lower than a determined value). In both relays, the trip point and connection delay time can be adjusted with potentiometers located on the back of the unit. When the insulation resistor is within the maximum and minimum values defined with the potentiometers, the NORMAL LED will be lit on the front panel. When the resistor is out of the margins defined, either exceeding or not reaching the normal levels, the ALARM LED will be lit on the front panel.


AC power supply
Nominal voltage
230 Vca ±20 %
50 … 60 Hz
2,8 VA
Electrical characteristics
Insulation voltage, circuit
2,5 KV a 50 HZ durante 1 min entre bornes y caja
Voltage measurement circuit
Maximum permanent measurement voltage
1000 Vac between Phase-Earth (terminals E and R)
Measurement accuracy
Environmental characteristics
Working temperature
-20 … +50 °C
Protection class
Panel: IP 52 (Front), IP 20 (Terminals)
IEC 60255-5, IEC 61010-1, IEC 60801-2, IEC 60801-3, IEC 60801-4
Mechanical characteristics
Weight (kg)
Size (mm) width x height x depth
96 x 96 x 73.8 (mm)





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