Te esperamos en la feria Data Centre World, el 10 y 11 de mayo en Frankfurt

We look forward to meeting you at the Data Centre World exhibition, on 10 and 11 May in Frankfurt

Circutor | 26 de April de 2023

CIRCUTOR will participate in the Data Centre World 2023 exhibition, on 10 and 11 May in Frankfurt (Germany).


This event is held annually in 4 European regions, attracting the largest data centre specialists, engineering companies, constructors, service operators, as well as manufacturers of devices and solutions that will be part of the data centre.

During the exhibition days we will show solutions focused on integrators, engineering companies and builders of Data Processing Centres to ensure the continuity of supply and improve their energy efficiency both at host and power supply level, to reduce consumption and the impact of the carbon footprint and to obtain reliable information for the calculation of the PUE and DCE of IT systems.

During the exhibition days we will be able to present our solutions for:

Grid & Genset management

  • Energy saving and performance ➔ Compensation of inductive and capacitive reactive power using our SVGm (Static Var Generator).
  • Power Quality control ➔ Power quality analysis using our IEC 61000-4-30 Ed:3 certified power analyzer QNA-600.

HVAC / EC Fans and Chillers

Power Distribution Units (PDUs) and IT systems

  • Continuity of supply ➔ Residual Current Monitoring (RCM) devices to ensure continuity of supply to IT servers.
  • Energy sustainability ➔ Energy measurement devices for recording consumption and calculating the carbon footprint, PUE and DCE in IT systems using power analyzers, energy meters, IoT controllers and edge computing.
  • Quality of supply ➔ Systems for monitoring voltage variations in power distribution boards to detect possible damage to IT systems using power quality analyzers.

Solar energy self-consumption

We look forward to meeting you at the Data Centre World Hall, stand no. E080 to talk about your projects and business needs.