MYeBOX®. Energy Audits and Class A Power Quality

admin | 7 de October de 2019

Everyone is well aware of the importance of measuring electrical parameters correctly to help us make the right decisions regarding energy efficiency and its consequent short-term cost-effectiveness, but we often find that not only is it necessary to perform energy audits to quantify the energy consumed by our different installations, but power quality or transient events must also be detected and recorded at our installations.

Such power quality faults, although often referred to as hidden costs, lead to production downtime, loss of material, unproductive staff hours, etc., and in some cases may be much costlier for companies than poor energy management.

MYeBOX® is a new system enabling energy audits to be performed which comply with the ISO 50001 certification, quality analysis according to the EN 50160 Standard and now also class A certification under the IEC 61000-4-30 Standard.

Remote management

The MYeBOX system stands out from its competitors with its new connectivity features, allowing devices to be fully managed in a simple, intuitive way from any location via a mobile application or the MYeBOX Cloud platform. These tools allow the user to remotely access the device and verify connection, device configuration, parameterise desired logging intervals, enable and configure power quality or transient event detection, alarms and even start or stop data logging. The possibility to remotely view the parameters measured by the device on a mobile terminal allows the user to detect faulty installation and/or device configuration and correct any problems immediately. This leads to important savings in time and travel costs, other devices only detecting such faults after downloading the data and obliging the user to make several trips to the installation to retake measurements.


MYeBOX®One of MYeBOX's most outstanding features is that the device's wiring may be modified by firmware. What advantages does this have? Once the device has been installed, if the user detects that the parameters measured by the device are incorrect due to faulty wiring, data logging may be stopped, the device's wiring can be remotely modified and data logging resumed, thereby saving a trip without the need to retake measurements.

Single solution for simultaneous measurements

MYeBOX®By allowing remote configuration, the internal clocks of the devices can be synchronised via the mobile terminal or web platform, guaranteeing that all devices simultaneously logging at an installation have the same timestamp for all their logs. This is essential when determining the consequences or effects of a disturbance on the rest of the installation. If the devices being measured are not synchronised, it is impossible to draw cause/effect conclusions.

Remote management

One of the most recurrent needs of an energy audit is the need to carry out different measurements at different points in the same installation. This need usually requires long, costly journeys to the installations where the devices are measuring in order to stop data logging, move them to the new measuring point and restart logging. MYeBOX enables data logging to be stopped remotely and any company maintenance personnel (qualified and following safety guidelines) may then be asked to change the device's location. Once the device is in the new location, its correct wiring and configuration can be remotely checked, and data logging started again.

Multiple analysis

With a conventional analyser, the user is required to set a recording interval that applies to all variables. Although this may seem unimportant, it does penalise the user in that the recording interval for an energy audit to comply with EN50160 must be every 10 minutes. What happens if the user also needs to record some variables such as voltage and current every second? It simply cannot be done simultaneously. Such variables need to be recorded again and a one-second interval must be selected. MYeBOX is a precise, all-in-one device in that it allows the user to perform various types of installation analysis. How does it do so? It is the only analyser on the market that allows "per se" configuration of different recording intervals for different variables or variable sets. Logging of variables such as voltage and current per second may be configured and other variables can be recorded at 10-minute intervals.


MYeBOX enables the configuration of certain alarms related to the value of some electrical magnitudes measured by the device. These alarms may be e-mailed to different users of that particular analyser, thereby actively controlling the installation.


MYeBOX may therefore be tailored to meet any requirements that help installers and maintenance managers make the right decisions at the right time, saving both indirect and direct costs in the most flexible, efficient way.

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