CIRCUTOR participará en la feria Light + Building 2022

CIRCUTOR at the Light + Building 2022 exhibition, from the 2nd to the 6th of October in Frankfurt (Germany).

Circutor | 20 de September de 2022

CIRCUTOR at the Light + Building 2022 exhibition, from the 2nd to the 6th of October in Frankfurt (Germany). Light + Building is the world's leading trade fair for lighting and building services technology, which showcases solutions for intelligent building management based on the interconnection of data for decision-making in the management of control systems and the improvement of electrical energy efficiency.

During this event we will be presenting our brand-new solutions and products based on 6 key topics designed to help building managers to improve the energy efficiency:

Energy Management Systems

Solutions for the control and management of electrical energy designed to provide valuable information for the optimisation and reduction of consumption.

We will be exhibiting our full range of network analysers, both for DIN rail and panel mounting, MID-certified meters for the efficient management of energy consumption (electricity, water or gas) along with our Line System for the energy management of installations using the SGEi system, or our BMS PowerStudio SCADA software for the collection of data in real time, billing simulations or maintenance control from a single PC.

We will be also presenting the Line-EDS-iMonitor, a monitoring kit specially designed to be connected directly to any display or monitor to visualise the energy condition of your installation.

This monitoring kit automatically displays data according to the needs of each client/installation, such as consumption and generation (self-consumption), charts with evolution of electrical variables or energy savings. It can also display the condition of other systems deployed, such as the management of charging points for electric vehicles.

CIRCUTOR participará en la feria Light + Building 2022

Power Factor Correction

Solutions to avoid penalties for inductive or capacitive reactive power consumption.

We present our complete range of capacitor banks to avoid penalties for inductive reactive power consumption. In order to properly manage compensation manoeuvres, we present the brand-new Computer C Wi-Fi regulator, which, by means of Wi-Fi communications, allows us to connect to the VAR system free of charge.

The VAR system is an Anti-Reactive Surveillance System that helps us to avoid penalties for inductive reactive energy through intelligent active warnings, displayed directly via the service website or through automatic email notifications, and facilitates maintenance tasks through reminders to ensure the proper preservation of our capacitor bank.

For those countries where the consumption of both inductive and capacitive reactive power is penalised, we will be demonstrating our Static VAR Generator (SVGm) which helps us to compensate in real time the consumption of inductive or capacitive power, reaching powers of up to 400 kVAr, being able to increase power with up to 100 units in parallel.

CIRCUTOR participará en la feria Light + Building 2022

Energy Audits

To carry out an energy audit we need to know how, where, when and what power is consumed, separating consumption by areas, uses or plant.

For this purpose, we offer our portable power quality network analyser MYeBOX, which can be installed at any point in the installation to collect useful information on both consumption and the condition of the quality of supply provided by the electric utility, as well as the quality of our consumption (harmonics generated by our loads).

Continuity of Service

Not being able to ensure the continuity of service in buildings or infrastructures can mean an economic loss.

An unexpected shutdown, due to the tripping of an electrical protection, can lead to a great economic cost given that we stop offering a service to our customers or because we are faced with a possible loss of material in facilities that handle food such as restaurants, supermarkets, bakeries or cafeterias.

At the exhibition we will be showing our range of type A and type B earth leakage protection. The first one is the most common in buildings, but type B protection is essential for loads that can create a direct current leakage. For this reason, we will explain the differences between the two types of protection.

To avoid the need to deal with the installation once a leakage trip has occurred, we will present our automatic reconnection devices to ensure the continuity of service without having to go to the facility to reset the system once an untimely trip has happened.

The rise of electric vehicle charging points has allowed us to design units that can properly protect both the charger and the people who have to use it. To do so, we have created a specific range designed to be installed in electric vehicle chargers, depending on the regulations of each country.

Power Quality

In order to analyse the quality of our building's network, we need devices that can detect the quality of supply provided by the electric utility to record events and voltage transients that may affect the operation of our installation.

Our power quality network analyser CVM-A1500 and the portable unit MYeBOX are just perfect for this task.

It is very common in buildings to have single-phase loads such as lighting, which, due to their LED technology, generate a current flowing through the neutral. To balance the three-phase network and minimise the current circulating through the neutral conductor, we have the AFQm Active Filter which also filters the harmonics coming from our loads to ensure the proper functioning of our installation and ensure the continuity of the power service to the entire building.


MYeBOX. Portable power analyzer with recording of quality events and transients.


CVM-A1500A. Power quality analyzers with recording of quality events and transients Calibration Certificate (IEC 61000-4-30) Class A

Electric Vehicle Recharging + Self-Consumption

For all those residential users who have installed a solar self-consumption system in their home and who also own one or more electric vehicles, we present the eHOME + Genion One solution.

This solution enables you to make the most out of the solar surplus, since the Genion One device can be programmed to use the entire solar surplus for recharging, to combine surplus and grid or to carry out a fast charge with the available power. In addition, it is possible to programme the contracted power every hour to dynamically use all the power of the installation, lowering the vehicle charging level when the home is at peak consumption, avoiding exceeding the contracted power.

We will be delighted to meet you at the Stand 11.0 A88 to get to know the needs of your projects and business!

Light + Building Autumn Edition 2022: Breaking New Ground