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admin | 9 de March de 2016


Avoid service interruptions with the resulting high costs

Preventing the undesirable consequences associated with an interruption in the electric supply of your home is possible. Unexpected interruptions caused by unwanted tripping of the RCCB of a home can result in high economic losses. CIRCUTOR's REC 3 earth leakage protection unit offers the best solution to this problem, thanks to its leakage detection and automatic reclosing system.

Nowadays, most homes have appliances and devices that can become deteriorated or completely damaged in the event of an interruption in the electric supply, even if the interruption only lasts a few hours. Food in a fridge, fish tanks, swimming pools, garage doors or the Internet connection of our homes are some examples. In second homes or homes that are not visited often, the consequences can be even worse if the interruption in the electric supply lasts for days or weeks. At these locations, an interruption in the electric supply can cause damage if the interruptions affect specific units, such as automatic sprinkler systems, refrigerating chambers, swimming pool pumps or outdoor lighting systems.

What does CIRCUTOR's REC 3 offer?

REC 3 is a self-reclosing RCCB, with the capacity to autonomously restore the service of the installation in the event of unwanted tripping. It features a system that measures the installation to detect leakage currents after a disconnection caused by tripping. If the unit is not disconnected it is reset, restoring the normal electric service. If the leakage persists, the REC 3 performs 3 reconnection attempts, after which it is locked and must be manually reset. The unit features two LEDs that indicate its status at all times. In addition, the REC 3 C range of products features two output contacts that can communicate the status of the RCCB to other applications. REC 3 is also very useful in installations that are hard to access or in geographically scattered areas, such as communication antennas or weather stations, as well as for critical production processes of the industrial or service sectors.

All in all, when facing events that can cause unexpected tripping of the RCCB, such as storms or other occasional insulation faults, REC 3 is the earth leakage protection solution that guarantees reconnection of the electric supply, protecting your devices and appliances while you are away.


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