How can the correct EnPIs be chosen?

admin | 5 de February de 2016


Once the goals have been established after an energy audit, the way in which the goals of an energy efficiency plan or plan for the implementation of the ISO 50001 will be achieved must be studied.

EnPIs (Energy Performance Indicators) are indicators that can be used to measure, assess and control the most relevant aspects of the installation, which can affect the achievement of goals.

EnPIs must be jointly defined with the supervisors of each area or department in which these can have an impact when an energy efficiency project is commissioned or during the continuous improvement and monitoring process.

EnPIs must be of the most suitable type for each specific area, process or organisation and adapted in each case. EnPIs are established with the purpose of being specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-bound (SMART), so they can be as stable and specific as possible over time.

Basically, we must answer the following questions:

Each company or business is different, so a copy-paste of the same EnPi in each energy efficiency project is simply not enough.

Now think about it - What will your EnPI be? 

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