We are extending the CVM-C11 network analyser models

Circutor | 26 de October de 2023

Among the new features, the highlights are the improvement in installation without the need for a supply interruption and the cost savings in its installation thanks to its Ethernet connection

We are introducing the expansion of the CVM-C11 power analyzer range, one of the leading products in the measurement and control family. The update to this product range, which includes the addition of three new models, provides greater ease of installation, commissioning, and communication with SCADA management and control systems.

The new MC design allows for the installation of the power analyzer in compact electrical distribution panels. On the other hand, the Flex model ensures commissioning without the need for a service interruption, both in new and existing installations. Furthermore, the Ethernet model allows the device to be connected to the Scada system without the need for media converters, thus reducing installation costs.

The CVM-C11 network analyser is one of the most established devices in our range of panel-mounted network analysers, both in the national and international market.

In the following video we explain all the advantages of our new analyzer versions.

Discover the new versions of the analyzer CVM-C11

The CVM-C11 power analyzers are essential for accurate management and monitoring of electrical installations.

Below are the improvements present in the new CVM-C11-MC, CVM-C11-FLEX, and CVM-C11-ETH models, now available in our product catalogue.

CVM-C11- MC, a space-saving installation

The CVM-C11-MC power analyzer is specially designed to be used in conjunction with our efficient MC current transformers. These efficient transformers have a secondary output of .../250mA, with lower energy consumption, for installation with any electronic measuring equipment.

Three-phase current transformers MC3

The MC3 three-phase current transformers are specially designed for installation in limited spaces, making use of the space above the circuit breakers or residual-current devices. This way, you can easily install them in panels with limited space without the need to increase the panel size to accommodate the current transformers.

The MC3 transformer range has three models depending on the rated current of the installation.


3 different models
63 A
125 A
250 A

Single-phase current transformers MC1

This range of transformers has a primary measuring range of 50 to 2000 A. Just like the MC3 transformers, they work with a 250 mA secondary. These devices help you minimize your product stock because each reference offers three selectable current measurement ranges based on the wiring connection.


Models from 50 A to 2000 A

CVM-C11- FLEX, a flexible installation without outages

The CVM-C11-FLEX power analyzer is specially designed to be installed in those installations where it is not possible to perform a service shutdown. The device uses standard flexible clamps with a scale of 100 mV/kA, and can reach up to 100,000A of current, being compatible with a multitude of current sensors on the market.

The flexible current sensor allows AC current measurements in any installation with total rejection of DC components, very low power consumption, no saturation issues, low temperature dependency, and excellent linearity.


2 available models
MFC-FLEX-80 (80 mm diameter)
MFC-FLEX-125 (125 mm diameter)

CVM-C11- ETH, Installation without Extra Costs

The new CVM-C11-ETH model incorporates an Ethernet communications port with Modbus/TCP and BACnet IP protocols, making it a compatible power analyzer with any SCADA energy management system (EMS).

Thanks to its IP connectivity, you will avoid the installation of media converters to connect it to your LAN. This model is compatible with any standard model of current transformer clamp with a secondary output of .../5A or .../1A.


Find out about the added-value features of the CVM-C11 analyzer

As previously mentioned, the CVM-C11 power analyzer is one of the most consolidated devices in our range of panel-mounted power analyzers, both in the domestic and international markets. Below, we want to highlight the key advantages that are common to all models and provide competitive benefits for the management and monitoring of your electrical installations.

High Precision in Electrical Parameter Measurement

To calculate various electrical parameters, it's necessary to have real measurements of voltage (V) and current (A). From these two variables, the rest can be calculated. Furthermore, it's important to ensure high precision in measuring these variables to minimize reading errors. That's why, in this series, we have worked to provide you with the best accuracy.

Phase voltage measurement 0.2% 0.2% 0.2%
Phase current measurement 0.2% 2% 0.2%


Neutral current measurement

Current flow through the neutral wire can cause problems in your installation, such as heating, overvoltages or even damage to equipment due to loss of insulation. The current measurement in the neutral lets you guarantee continuity of service in your installation and identify the loads that cause them.

Inputs and outputs for loads and devices management.

Use digital inputs for state control (open/closed), switching between up to 3 tariff rates, or synchronizing the maximum demand with your utility billing meter.

Through digital or relay outputs, you can configure alarms based on the state of any instantaneous electrical variable. Additionally, you can also use digital outputs to send pulses proportional to incremental variables (energy, costs, etc.) to a pulse centralizer.

Two communication protocols in one device

All our models come with built-in Modbus and BACnet protocols. This feature allows you to choose the protocol based on the type of management software your installation uses. Furthermore, the fact that protocol selection is fully configurable allows you to consolidate your products into a single reference.

Customizable display

We understand that your needs vary depending on each installation or the load to be measured. For this reason, the CVM-C11 allows you to select which variables you want to display on the main screen, showing only the information that is most important to you. We have designed a splash screen where we present all the most relevant information, allowing you to quickly discover the status of your installation at a glance.

With this evolution of the CVM-C11 range, you can now manage the consumption and energy variables of any type of installation in a simple and user-friendly way, either directly from its configurable screen or from your own SCADA application.

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