Raption 100. The perfect combination of power, versatility and elegance

admin | 13 de April de 2021

A compact charger capable of providing up to 100 kW DC, enough to charge the electric vehicles of yesterday, today and tomorrow.


In an era of constant innovation and development by electric vehicle manufacturers, there is an increasing number of cars with higher capacity batteries, and thus longer ranges. In addition, more and more vehicles are integrating drivelines that double the voltage of their predecessors, going from the 400V of the first models to the 800V of the most recent electric cars. At Circutor, we are at the forefront of charging solutions, which is why we are presenting the Raption 100, a compact, high-power charger that can recharge the electric vehicles of yesterday, today and tomorrow.

What is the Raption 100?

The Raption 100 is a charger with a DC power of up to 100 kW, capable of charging using both the COMBO CCS and CHAdeMO standards. It also features an extra hose for simultaneously charging a second car with up to 22 kW of AC power.

The Raption series is an established range of products in the realm of fast, public charging stations. It started out with the Raption 22 model in 2016, which has since evolved by applying the experience gained to add improvements and adapt to the needs of the current and future market. This device evolved directly from Raption 50, a device with more than 3 years of market experience and over 1000 units sold in 2019. The Raption 100 maintains the enclosure and all the strong points of the Raption 50, while doubling its charging power.

Raption 100

Highlights of the Raption 100


Maintains the easy and intuitive charging experience of its predecessor with an 8-inch touchscreen, with 27 languages to choose from, courtesy light and the option to add an integrated contactless card payment system.


The modular architecture of Raption devices allows them to stay in service even if a problem occurs in a module, since the charger automatically disconnects it and uses the remaining ones. This increases their availability and ensures that drivers won't be stranded and unable to recharge.


The Raption 100 also maintains the connector lock, preventing vandalism by making it impossible to release the connector unless the user is authenticated. In addition, the devices with 5-metre cables will feature a floating cable design for easier handling that avoids contact with the ground. This prevents potential damage, enhances safety and reduces maintenance costs.


Both the enclosure and the Raption 100 screen are 100% customisable, allowing the device to be fully covered in vinyl showing images of the brand, or to show advertising on the touch display screensaver.

Master/Slave System

The Raption 100 can be used as a master in multipoint installations, combining DC and AC charging, a solution that, in addition to minimising the initial investment and maintenance costs when several chargers are needed, can yield considerable energy savings, since the master unit distributes the available power by taking into account the number of charging points in use.

All of this makes the Raption 100 the perfect charger to install on public roads, restaurants, petrol stations, shopping centres, airports and interurban areas. These are settings where drivers appreciate the ability to do quick charges lasting no more than 20 minutes, which, given the characteristics of new EVs, can provide a range of more than 200 km.


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