Important considerations for properly monitoring a transformer substation

Circutor | 25 de February de 2022

The evolution of technology and the regulation of distribution networks have brought about a change in our concept of how the different energy supply stages work. Such is the case of transformer substations (TS), where synergy between energy distributors, installers and manufacturers has marked a turning point in terms of power quality, incident reduction, and thus improved service for the end consumer.

Many aspects have changed in recent years in the field of energy supply to individuals. This evolution has resulted in TS changing their operation as well.

SABT centro transformación CT

From monitoring to advanced diagnosis

Nowadays, it is possible to monitor TS on a general level. In addition, it is possible to do an advanced diagnosis of each line and phase of the various low-voltage switchboards that comprise the same transformer station. Having precision tools when analyzing the distribution network makes it possible to identify temporary power quality issues; it also provides a complete record of what happened in the cycles before and after the transient. This makes it possible to determine in detail the cause and duration of the event.

In addition to monitoring the lines and phases, there are solutions to ensure the safety of installers as they work in TS environments. To make sure that the environment is safe, advanced monitoring solutions have ground leakage current measurements, as well as measurements of the ground voltage of protection or fittings. This is an essential requirement for assessing the health of the ground connections of an installation and, consequently, of the people who must work in and around TS.

Control all the parameters of your transformer substation with our solutions


Advanced low-voltage remote monitoring


Advanced low-voltage monitoring card


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Neutral to earth voltage monitor


Advanced Low-voltage Monitoring Cards for reserve lines


PCB for cabinet installation of T-SABT

 The concept of Advanced Low Voltage Supervision (SABT), in which Circutor is a technological benchmark, has enabled it to incorporate these solutions in large electricity distributors at a national and international level.

Having more variables and more information available requires greater performance, which can be provided by the products on the market. These devices collect, process and group this data into various reports, which has also required improvements in telemanagement systems. To simplify access to information, the different devices generate standard reports that allow the user (distributor, installer or manufacturer) to obtain the information they need for the different queries they wish to make. A relevant aspect is that the monitoring devices also work with scheduled tasks, such that they periodically generate the reports that are required by the user.

Beneficios supervisión avanzada SABT
Beneficios supervisión avanzada SABT

For example, information such as one-second current curves (per phase and line) is very useful when identifying fraud, since by crossing checking this information with the meters, it is possible to study in detail the different areas where consumption is abnormally high for the type and number of consumers. An important factor to consider, especially in areas with bad coverage, is having an advanced and proven monitoring solution in slow networks, meaning those where the exchange of information, whether synchronous or asynchronous, requires a minimum volume of data to ensure that each query is replied to.

The SABT system manages and centralises all the information received by the T-SABTs through the R-SABT advanced low-voltage remote monitoring system. The integrated WEB service provides users with relevant information for the proper management of each transformer substation.

Transformer substation monitoring

Software SCADA Beneficios supervisión avanzada SABT

Monitor in real time the status of your transformer station

Software SCADA Beneficios supervisión avanzada SABT

Displays waveforms (transients) each time a quality event occurs, capturing 10 cycles before and after its detection

Software SCADA Beneficios supervisión avanzada SABT

Features such as set-up flexibility (ability to install these solutions in any type of TS) and their impact on the distributor's remuneration model have contributed both to test the concept behind this technology and to promote the gradual or massive deployment of advanced low-voltage monitoring.

This makes it possible to diagnose whether low-voltage networks meet regulatory requirements for voltage levels (EN 50160) and power quality (IEC 61000-4-30), and also if personal safety is increased, by providing all the information that each party involved in the electrical energy distribution cycle needs in order to interact with the system.

Compact solutions for easy installation

CMBT cabinets

Armarios CMBT

Compact solutions that are easy to install without shutting off the power

CMBT-SABT cabinets

Armarios CMBT supervisión avanzada SABT

To facilitate the installation of the SABT system, cabinets are available with the system components already installed, wired and protected, facilitating commissioning and minimising installation time.

We currently have available a large amount of information to ensure compliance with the quality and safety standards of TS.

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