Discover the new CVM-E3-MINI-WiEth

admin | 27 de July de 2020

Easier than ever, now with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.


The CVM-E3-MINI-WiEth power analyzer lets you gather information on the energy consumption and electrical parameters of your installation quickly and easily. It has Ethernet and Wi-Fi communications that provide real-time information to the Energy Management System (EMS), without having to install wiring for communications.

Its Bluetooth connectivity can be used to set up communications parameters (Ethernet or Wi-Fi) through the free MyConfig app on your mobile or tablet, without having to physically access the device.

“Connect it to your LAN and configure its communications from your own smartphone or tablet to start managing electrical variables and energy consumption of your installation.”

You don’t need anything else

Wi-Fi connection

Connect the analyzer to your Wi-Fi network and start registering all your consumptions and electrical parameters from your installation. Check the Wi-Fi coverage and assigned IP address directly from its display.


Manage your installation wirelessly.

Ethernet connection

Connect the analyzer to your Wi-Fi network and start registering all your consumptions and electrical parameters from your installation. Quickly check the device IP and MAC address by its display any time.


Connect the analyzer to the local network and start measuring.

Bluetooth connection

Use Bluetooth connectivity to program Ethernet or Wi-Fi communications without the need for a computer.

With the free MyConfig app, you can set up the communications on your power analyzer quickly and easily.

Easily set up Bluetooth communications

Easily set up Bluetooth communications


Manage your energy consumption and electrical parameters

The CVM-E3-MINI-WiEth Power Analyzer lets you know the consumption of active, reactive inductive, reactive capacitive and apparent energy as well as record and display the cost of energy, CO2 emissions and operating hours for preventive maintenance. The device has measurement in 4 quadrants so it also accumulates these same variables in energy generation.

Install it in panels to verify the quality of consumption of your installation, since in addition to electrical variables such as voltage, current, power and power factor (monitors more than 250 variables) you can also check the distortion caused by the harmonics present in your installation both at a total level through the THD% and checking each harmonic individually up to 31º in voltage and current.

  • Up to 250 electrical parameters (RMS, maximum and minimum)
  • Consumed and generated energies
  • IP address and Wi-Fi coverage level on display
  • Website and free app to set up communications


Configure your communications in any situation

The flexibility of the CVM-E3-MINI-WiEth analyzer allows you to set up your communications quickly, safely and easily. You can do this in the following ways:

  • By Bluetooth using the MyConfig app.
    You don't need to carry a computer to the facility to set the IP address and leave the analyzer connected to the LAN.
  • By web page via Wi-Fi or Ethernet.
    Connect to the analyzer through a web server and easily configure all its parameters from your own computer if you are connected to the same LAN. Use any browser to program its IP and other communication settings.
  • By using its display
    Programs the communications of the device directly through its display. Once configured you can check the IP and parameters set as well as the level of Wi-Fi coverage if you are connecting wirelessly.

Discover how it works

Remotely solves wiring errors

Solve any error in the programming or physical wiring of the analyzer through the PowerStudio software. Saves on indirect costs in commissioning and configuration.

Voltage & current phase connection error


The voltage wiring must correspond to the current wiring of the same phase. If this does not happen, it means that the installation has been performed incorrectly. This will cause values such as power, cos phi, PF or energies to be incorrect.

Error installing current sensors


The installation of the current transformers must be correct, following the flow direction of the load. If a transformer is installed reversed, the current will be displayed as generated current instead of consumed or vice versa, having an error in the total energy register.

“Solve any problem remotely from the PowerStudio software, avoiding trips to the installation and the associated cost.”

Compatible with all kind of transformers


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