Descubre nuestro conversor inalámbrico LoRa™

Discover our LoRa™ wireless converter

Circutor | 30 de November de 2023

Distance is no longer a problem.

The task of communicating with measuring devices and sensors can often be daunting. In large companies, the investment required in communications wiring and the time needed to install it can be considerable.

In the following video, we present our wireless solution, based on LoRa™ communications, designed to overcome obstacles and cover wide distances when used for monitoring tasks in various environments, such as industrial warehouses, office buildings, hospitals, university campuses, campsites, marinas, and more.

Discover all the advantages our LoRa™ wireless solution has to offer.

Simplify your installation with our wireless system featuring LoRa™ technology

One of the most notable advantages of LoRa™'s (long-range) modulation technology is its ability to reduce the wiring needed, since it does not require a physical medium to transmit data. This simplifies communications between data storage devices and sensors, which can be located far away without incurring significant costs or requiring extensive installation hours, and offering reduced energy consumption.

Descubre nuestro conversor inalámbrico LoRa™

Characterized by its low energy consumption, it transmits at reduced speeds depending on the distance and the amount of information to be sent.

For installations spanning long distances, where wiring is complicated and costly, the LoRa™ communication protocol is the best solution, as it allows transmitting information wirelessly up to 15 km.

Characterized by:

  • Secure two-way connections
  • Low energy consumption
  • Long communications range
  • Highly flexible uses for the end user
Discover our LoRa™ wireless converter

When considering communications between the LoRa™ and Modbus protocols, it is essential to keep in mind that the former can run at a lower speed, especially over long distances. To ensure reliable communications, the wait time (Timeout) of the Modbus master device should be set to 3 seconds, taking into account that our devices have a maximum range of 15 km in open environments.

Bridge LR

LoRa™ to RS-485 converter

Our Bridge LR device is the ideal option for establishing stable and reliable communications in challenging environments. With Bridge LR, you will reduce wiring costs while guaranteeing robust and secure connections, even in adverse conditions.

The Bridge LR is a device for connecting between the RS-485 physical environment and the LoRa™ long-range wireless network. It is fully programmable through its free configuration software. Moreover, up to 32 slave devices can be connected to each communications bus.

The main device and slave devices communicate wirelessly, which makes for a cable-free, and consequently, more economical installation.

Descubre nuestro conversor inalámbrico LoRa™

Descubre nuestro conversor inalámbrico LoRa™ Reduces installation costs and time

Descubre nuestro conversor inalámbrico LoRa™

Wireless communications via the LoRa™ protocol

Modbus RTU/RS-485 communications protocol with the master

Can be remotely configured

Removable external antenna

Up to 32 Modbus RTU devices per slave

Only takes up one DIN slot

Create your own wireless network

The remote monitoring of installations refers to the management and control of sensors that provide real-time information on various parameters, whether electrical or control, such as temperatures, flow rates, liquid levels or other variables of interest. These data are sent to a central location for analysis and monitoring.

In most cases, this involves deploying a local surveillance system that collects data from the sensors, as well as software or a controller (Edge controller) where these data are sent and analysed.

Bridge LR devices act as a wireless gateway between the measuring equipment and the control centre. The master device receives Modbus requests from the control system and sends them, wirelessly and seamlessly, to the measuring equipment via the slave Bridge LR. It also sends the replies from each device to the control centre for processing and registration. Each slave device can connect up to 32 devices with the Modbus RTU protocol via RS-485 communication, to create an extensive wireless communication network.

Discover our LoRa™ wireless converter

Where might I need wireless communications?

In any installation that requires remote monitoring and a low data update rate. For monitoring installations without the need for a cable, saving on the final cost of the installation.

Ideal for monitoring photovoltaic strings, remote pumping stations, industrial warehouses with no option for wired connectivity, or farms with no mobile/cell coverage or internet connection.

Discover our LoRa™ wireless converter