Autonomy Challenge – MG ZS EV

Circutor | 17 de January de 2022

Make and Model: MG ZS EV
Useful battery capacity: 68.3 kWh
Maximum power in fast charge: 76 kW DC
WLTP approved autonomy: 440 km
WLTP approved consumption: 155 Wh/km
Vehicle weight: 1620 kg

At Circutor, we started the autonomy challenge of the year by testing a very interesting novelty, an electric car in the most economical segment of the market.

The MG ZS EV has undergone a complete renovation that places it in the crosshairs of many people, who want to make the leap to electric mobility, without having to face an excessive investment.

An SUV with equipment that often leads us to think that we are driving a much higher budget car and that has pleasantly surprised us throughout the test carried out.

It all started on Friday, with the collection of the vehicle at the SARMOVIL SA dealership of the Vallescar automotive group in Sabadell, led by Alex Gemar Camara.

That same afternoon, we carried out the first driving tests, to familiarize ourselves with the car, as well as with its efficiency and recharging speed.

Very interesting, by the way, is the fact that the driver's screen, with exceptional graphic quality, shows the voltage and current of the battery, both in consumption and in regeneration.

These are the consumer results obtained in the initial tests:

Solidarity lap: 158 Wh/100 km
EcoBest lap: 165 Wh/100 km


These data lead us to think that, with efficient driving, we will be able to consume consumptions close to those approved and, therefore, a very interesting autonomy.

The car charged from 50 to 80%, in our team, Raption 50, at maximum power, to later experience a progressive decrease, until completing the full recharge at a really low power, only 5 kW in its last 5%.

The autonomy indicated by the vehicle, just before starting the challenge, was 449 km, exceeding the value of its homologation. Despite this, and given the low temperatures forecast, between -4 and +6C, we decided not to face the Marathon challenge but a more affordable route, in which the furthest point is the city of Figueres, which we access by highway .

Next, we drive along main roads, through the regions of La Garrotxa, Osona and El Bages, where the high point is the ascent to the Bracons tunnels.

Autonomy Challenge Results - MG ZS EV

MG ZS EV parking

Route: 307 km
Time spent: 4 h 45 min
Remaining battery: 18%
Remaining autonomy: 72 km
Average consumption: 17.7 kWh/100 km
Average speed: 71 km


The MG ZS EV has shown to have really good driving behavior, very smooth and adaptable to any terrain, taking into account its dimensions, weight and aerodynamics. The final consumption, slightly higher than the approved one, is mainly due to the low temperatures, as well as the demand for this type of vehicle to drive on the motorway and climb mountain passes.

Special Thanks:

Model: MG ZS EV
Collaborators: Alex Gemar Cámara from Sarmovil SA, Vallescar Automoción group
Date: January 14 to 17, 2022


The Solidarity Tour is a 20 km route starting and finishing at the Circutor headquarters in Viladecavalls, which runs along very twisty secondary roads with slopes of up to 250 m.

The EcoBest tour is a 60 km mixed route that includes approximately 50% motorway, 25% city and the rest on interurban roads, very similar to the distribution of the WLTP cycle.

All our challenges are based on achieving maximum autonomy, in real traffic conditions, using efficient driving techniques and moderate speeds, always above the minimum marked on each road.