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Excellent participation in the Smart City Expo World Congress 2018 in Barcelona

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The eighth edition of the SCEWC concludes with a decent amount of innovative solutions regarding sustainable development in cities and the associated transformations they need to undertake in order to reach the desired results.

One of the mentioned transformations is the presence of electric vehicle charging stations in the streets of big metropolitan cities, which we are more and more getting used to see in our everyday lives. CIRCUTOR, as a leading manufacturer of the sector, has presented in Barcelona its spectrum of electric vehicle charging solutions, some of which have already been installed in numerous locations around Europe, may them be so in public and private parking lots as well as houses and apartments.

The increasing need for solutions for electric vehicle charging have projected CIRCUTOR to a privileged position in the business thanks to its effort and dedication in promoting sustainable mobility ever since the first electric vehicles were launched. The experience in gained during this period has resulted in robust, safe and efficient equipment, with a recently improved interface oriented to the service stations of the future.

The team brought the newer versions of the Raption and Urban models, which are now more powerful to respond to the growth of EV batteries. These charging stations provide fast charging for public installations, and have become an appealing option for town halls and service station owners.

Regarding the compact series, CIRCUTOR presented the all-new Wallbox eNEXT to the public for the first time. The charger, which has been awarded in the Innovation and Efifciency for industrial installations category at the Matelec fair, incorporates wireless communications for an enhanced user interface.

Courtesy of Jaguar-Land Rover Spain, the new Jaguar E-Pace joined the chargers in the stand, creating remarkable visual impact and generating great public affluence. It also represents the great synergies between car manufacturing companies and electric vehicle charging solutions developers.

We would like to thank SCEWC for flawless organisation and cooperation, and we hope to meet you visitors on the next edition!


CIRCUTOR is in attendance at Smart City Expo World Congress SCEWC 2018, to be held from 13th to 15th November in Barcelona (Spain)

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Smart City Expo World Congress 2018 looks to make cities and users around the world aware of the need to manage their infrastructure as efficiently and sustainably as possible. The aim of the event is to promote new actions focused on creating a better, cleaner world, ensuring a sustainable future for major cities around the globe.

CIRCUTOR will take part in the event in order to showcase its solutions for cities, private companies, multi-user car parks and private properties. We will therefore be exhibiting our new products in the following areas:

• Solutions for public highways:

By means of RAPTION and URBAN outdoor charging equipment

• Solutions for companies, public and private car parks:

By means of solutions for indoor or outdoor charging with URBAN and Wallbox eNEXT chargers.

• Solutions for private properties:

New Wallbox eNext charger with wireless communications for set-up and management.


We look forward to sharing our solutions with you at: Hall 2, Level 0, Stand E597.

MYeBOX® Class A calibration certificate according to IEC 61000-4-30

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The range of MYeBOX® power quality analyzer has a calibration certificate in accordance with IEC 61000-4-30 Class A.

All new class A models have an official certificate issued by the CIRCE Foundation, ensuring the accuracy and quality of CIRCUTOR products. This body has ENAC accreditation to perform calibrations on DC electricity and low frequency both in the field and in the laboratory.




All MYeBOX® Class A analyzers have an individual calibration certificate for manufacturing the device according to the voltage conditions of the IEC 61000-4-30 standard and those related to the IEC 61557-12 standard, issued by CIRCUTOR official laboratory. These standards become relevant for the installation of portable devices for carrying audits according to ISO 50001.

Download the official certificates from the following links:


Class A certified models:

MYeBOX-A. Portable power analyzer with recording of quality events and transients Calibration Certificate (IEC 61000-4-30 Ed.2) Class A
Type Code Clamp Measuring
Kit MYeBOX-150 M840230000A00 - 4 - - WIFI
Kit MYeBOX-1500 M840330000A00 - 5 2 2 WIFI + 3G

Portable analyzer kits with current sensors
MYeBOX-150-3 FLEX-R45 M8404B0000A00  3 FLEX-R45  WIFI 
MYeBOX-1500-3 FLEX-R45 M8405B0000A00 3 FLEX-R45  WIFI + 3G 
MYeBOX-150-4 FLEX-R45 M8404C0000A00  4 FLEX-R45  WIFI 
MYeBOX-1500-4 FLEX-R45 M8405C0000A00  4 FLEX-R45  WIFI + 3G 
MYeBOX-150-3 FLEX-R80 M8404D0000A00  3 FLEX-R80  WIFI 
MYeBOX-1500-3 FLEX-R80 M8405D0000A00  3 FLEX-R80  WIFI + 3G 
MYeBOX-150-4 FLEX-R80 M8404E0000A00  4 FLEX-R80  WIFI 
MYeBOX-1500-4 FLEX-R80 M8405E0000A00  4 FLEX-R80  WIFI + 3G 
MYeBOX-150-3 CPG-100 M840430000A00  3 CPG-100  WIFI 
MYeBOX-1500-3 CPG-100 M840530000A00  3 CPG-100  WIFI + 3G 
MYeBOX-150-3 CPRG-500 M840450000A00  3 CPRG-500  WIFI 
MYeBOX-1500-3 CPRG-500 M840550000A00  3 CPRG-500  WIFI + 3G 
Analyzer with built-in SD memory and Cloud. Includes voltage cables, alligator clips, USB cable, fastening strap, magnetic support, battery, power supply and carrying bag. Please contact us for other clamp or clamp length combinations.



More information: MYeBOX®. Portable power analyzer



CIRCUTOR partners with Trace Software International

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CIRCUTOR chose Trace Software International as its strategic partner, adding CIRCUTOR's components to the Electrical Content.

CIRCUTOR components are effortlessly integrated into the Electrical Content Portal and immediately available for any electrical design or automation project created within elecworks™. Likewise, users will also find available the CIRCUTOR catalog directly in elec calc™, the software for sizing electrical installations that manages AT and BT in the same project.

Also, 3D models provided by CIRCUTOR are available to be used in elecworks™ for PTC® Creo®.

The Electrical Content Portal is now accessible online or directly through elecworks™ software, for users with a subscription.  

 "We are very happy of having CIRCUTOR Catalogue in our Electrical Content Portal. Collaborating with such a global player undoubtedly confirm our leading position in the market. Thanks to our solid experience and know-how, we count with the most complete database of the most relevant manufacturers in the market. They trust us, they want their digital components to be in the Trace Software International Electrical Content Portal. The benefits are massive and mutual ", said Pedro Puig, CEO of Trace Software International.


Web Trace Software International


CIRCUTOR participated in Energetab 2018, from 11th to 13th September in Bielsko-Biala (Poland)

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Energetab is considered to be the most relevant exhibition of the electricity sector in Poland, where the latest solutions, devices and technologies of the electrical sector are exhibited.

CIRCUTOR has developed in recent years some of the most innovative and leading solutions in the field energy efficiency. During the exhibition we presented different kind of solutions regarding energy management and efficiency systems, whether both tertiary and industrial use.

We were presenting all our new products for different kind of applications:

  • SVG for reactive energy compensation (Static Var Generator)
  • New MYeBOX® portable network analyzer for energy audits according to Class A (IEC 61000-4-30)
  • New power analyzer CVM-E3-MINI with DIN rail connection
  • New CVM-A1500 power quality analyzer with built in datalogger
  • RECmaxCVM a unique in the market solution for earth-leakage protection systems with built in automatic reclosing and measurement system
  • Low voltage power factor correction solutions
  • Energy management software (EMS)
We wish to thank your visit and your interest about our products. We hope to meet you again soon in next events.

Excellent participation in Genera: International Energy and Environment exhibition

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Genera 2018 is the international reference exhibition in the field of Energy and Environment, organized by IFEMA, in the city of Madrid from 13 to 15 June.

CIRCUTOR has exhibited at the GENERA its new solutions for the supervision of photovoltaic plants, oriented to cover the most challenging needs from the photovoltaic plants managers. One of the most interested product was our SCADA system for global supervision, which includes the management of Stringboxes located at Level 1 or Level 2, sensors, measurement and communications devices up to the billing meters, offering a global control of the different PV installations.

In addition, one of the most successful new product that we launched was the new STM, an innovative device specifically designed for monitoring up to 32 strings in the same enclosure by using LORA or RS-485 communications. With a very simple installation this device will perfectly fit in any photovoltaic plant.


Download here our catalogue “Integral solution for photovoltaic plants supervision


We would like to take this opportunity to thank all the people interested in our products for their visit and hope to see them again soon at future events.

CIRCUTOR is in attendance at MATELEC 2018 from 13th to 16th November in Madrid (Spain)

on .

MATELEC 2018 is the leading fair for the electrical, electronic and telecommunications industry. It offers manufacturers and customers the chance to stay at the cutting edge thanks to new solutions for efficiency and energy savings.

CIRCUTOR, a leading company in energy efficiency solutions, will showcase some of its solutions and equipment at its stand, such as:

• Solutions for electric mobility and self-consumption

We will use the event to showcase the most complete range of electric vehicle chargers, offering the option of combining top-ups with generating clean energy by installing photovoltaic canopies.
We will present our vehicle charging solutions for all types of users:

  • Solutions for public highways:
    By means of RAPTION and URBAN outdoor charging equipment
  • Solutions for public and private car parks:
    By means of solutions for outdoor charging with URBAN and Wallbox eNEXT chargers.
  • Solutions for private properties:
    New Wallbox eNext charger with wireless communications for set-up and management.
• Solutions for energy efficiency

Network analysers for energy management in any type of electrical installation, together with software to create an SGE Energy Management system to control the facility and carry out audits in accordance with ISO 50001.
Our latest products include two new network analysers:

  • CVM-E3-MINI, a network analyser with DIN rail connection for energy management.
  • CVM-C10-Flex, a panel-format network analyser, with flexible current grippers for facilities where shutting down in order to install metering equipment is impossible. 
• Solutions to ensure savings, and to control and improve the quality of facilities

The event will also be used to showcase the new CVM-A1500A network supply quality analyser, which has Class-A calibration certificate according to Standard IEC 61000-4-30, to control any malfunction in a facility, production line or industrial machine.

The new AFQm active filters to improve network quality will also be presented, designed to offer solutions both for wall-mounting and installation in a cabinet for any type of current..

Our entire range of reactive power compensation batteries for installations with harmonics and for harmonic-free facilities with contactor or thyristor solutions for fast load variations will also be on show.

• Solutions for sustainable properties

Equipment to improve energy management in private properties, such as the WiFi solution based on our Wibeee devices for consumption management; REC4 devices for automatic reconnection, avoiding line stoppage losses due to chargers and differentials tripping; and Wallbox eNext for smart electric vehicle charging, controlled by the free app.

• Solutions for solar farm management

New string control equipment based on an innovative form of communicating with the control software. 

• Portable solutions for power grid analysis

CIRCUTOR will present its new MYeBOX portable network analyser for evaluating installations, Class-A certified according to supply quality standard IEC 61000-4-30, together with its free app and cloud management software.


We look forward to sharing our solutions with you at: Hall 6, stand 6C02


Invitation code: MA180000013KE
To get your free badge, you must enter the invitation code when is required during the register process.


Bike donation for children at Thallakera school in India

on .

CIRCUTOR, in partnership with Vicente Ferrer Foundation, handed over 57 bikes to pupils at Thallakera school (India).

The aim of this initiative is to make it easier for children at the school to travel day-to-day to and from the villages K.P. Kunta, Konapuram, Krishnapuram, Ranga Samudram, and T.K. Gollaladoddi.

Mrs María Cabeza and Mr Ramón Comellas (Chair and Founder of CIRCUTOR) were entrusted with handing over the bikes, which took place in a laid-back, festive environment.

Bike donation for children at Thallakera school in India
Bike donation for children at Thallakera school in India

Bike donation for children at Thallakera school in India



Bikes to beat school drop-out

One of the most common causes of school drop-out in Indian villages is the distance between homes and schools, along with other problems that make it difficult to prioritise education for village children.

Cycling is the only means of transport available to thousands of families in India, and, even so, is a luxury not everyone can afford. According to the latest Indian census, half of Indian households own a bike, while only 14% have a motorcycle and 2% a car.

This initiative have been particularly beneficial among girls, who have seen drop-out rates fall from 40% to 4% since Vicente Ferrer Foundation started giving out the bikes.


Bike donation for children at Thallakera school in India
Bike donation for children at Thallakera school in India

Bike donation for children at Thallakera school in India



Vincente Ferrer Foundation is a development NGO which is committed to transforming and improving the living conditions of the most disadvantaged communities in Andhra Pradesh, one of the most poverty-stricken and destitute parts of India, as well as one of the poorest and most underprivileged communities on the planet. Education is one of the areas which is given special attention, since access to schooling is key to community development.


Great interest in CIRCUTOR novelties and solutions during Light+Building 2018 fair

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CIRCUTOR participated in Light + Building 2018, being a reference fair in the lighting and construction services technology sector, where the latest solutions, devices and technologies of the electrical sector were exhibited.

It is worth mentioning the special interest of the participants in the different novelties and solutions for energy monitoring and management, earth leakage protection, reactive energy compensation and harmonic filtering.

The products we presented were:

Throughout the event there were a lot of visitors at CIRCUTOR's stand. Hopefully future editions will be as prosperous as the present one.

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