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Synchronization and marine applications equipment




  • All parameters can be programmed on the keyboard on the front panel.
  • Digital unit with 4-digit display and 30 auxiliary LEDs.
  • Voltage, generator frequency and network measurement and display (TRMS), including the unbalance between the generator and the network.
  • Automatic synchronisation by simply programming the contactor closing time.
  • Wide range of frequencies (35...80 Hz)
  • Standard power supply: 110, 230 and 400 V ac
  • 2 operating modes: Manual, automatic and assisted
  • Digital adjustment (without potentiometers)
  • PI / PID CONTROL (depending on the type) of the speed of the generator with built-in pulse output
  • Protection with password.

CIRCUTOR has two types of synchronism relays: SYNCHRO MAX and SYNCHRO MAX PID.

Synchro Max

Synchro Max is capable of adapting the generator's frequency with an integrated PI regulation algorithm, in order to connect it in parallel to the electrical network. In addition, it can be used to measure and display the voltage, phase and frequency parameters of the generator and network, as well as its differences. 

Synchro Max PID

Synchro Max PID offers excellent standard Synchro Max measurement, display and programming features, with a powerful PID algorithm to control the generator's frequency. This type of control turns Synchro Max PID into a quick synchronisation device and, therefore, it offers the ideal solution to reduce synchronisation costs, since it minimises the time invested in such procedures. This type of control is perfect for small-scale hydraulic power plants, among many other applications. Here is an example of how SYNCHRO MAX moves forward to a time tbrk (previously programmed by the user) to take into account the connection delay of the generator's contactor.




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