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URBAN series

Outdoor charging posts




Outdoor posts must be able to withstand different environmental conditions and possible tampering, since they should simplify the installation and maintenance process for operators. URBAN posts have helped to reduce the installation time and simplify operation and maintenance tasks.

URBAN units facilitate the charging tasks for different EV users, incorporating all the electrical protection elements necessary to guarantee full safety inside an aluminium body. They may feature Type II sockets and/or Schuko sockets in different combinations, enabling charging in Mode 1-2 and Mode 3 depending on the configuration chosen.

The series consists of two different ranges: the basic URBAN 10, designed for locations where Plug&Charge chargers are needed in simple applications whereby only simplified charging is required; and the URBAN 20 smart series for complex applications where it is necessary to offer the maximum features required by the market, including management and monitoring with remote control or integration in management platforms based on the OCPP 1.5 and 1.6 protocol.


URBAN posts are especially suitable for all types of outdoor parking. Their applications range from spaces on public roads to shopping centres, airports, vehicle sales/rental companies, private car parks, etc.



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