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kits FV

Instantaneous photovoltaic self-consumption kits for installations connected to the grid


Cod: kits-FV


PV KITS are designed to meet the needs of those customers who have to set up a self-consumption photovoltaic energy installation for a certain level of power, but do not know all of the elements that they need. With these kits, the user will be safe in the knowledge that these elements have been correctly selected and sized for their installation. PV KITS are compatible with and can incorporate CDP (Dynamic Power Controller) systems, which ensure 0 grid injection and come with the certificates that help to obtain legal authorisation for the installation. The kits comprise the following material:

  • Photovoltaic modules (adapted to the power of each reference)
  • Support structures to secure the photovoltaic modules to any type of roof
  • Grid connection photovoltaic inverters.

Optionally, all KITS can be installed with the respective CDP protection and control electric panels. These panels include the protection elements for the DC side (StringBox) and the AC protection elements (CombinerBox), in addition to the control units:

  • CDP-DUO (dynamic power controller for 0 injection).
  • CVM-MINI power analyser (in case of three-phase installation)
  • MC current measurement transformer.

The main advantages of these kits are:

  • CIRCUTOR warranty for the whole kit
  • Documentation, diagrams and technical assistance for all components.
  • Reduction of the logistics chain and number of suppliers for each installation (1 supplier for the whole site instead of 1 supplier per component)
  • Dimensioning study according to the user's consumption profile (modules, inverter, protections and structure)
  • Solutions for all needs (more than 30 references to choose from)
  • The electric panels facilitate the installation and reduce assembly time
  • Monitoring with web server



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