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WiBeee: Your consumptions in the palm of your hand


An efficiency expert always with you

In the current era of information, energy consumers must be able to obtain data on their electrical consumption, in order to be able to take action to improve the energy efficiency of their installations and to make substantial savings in their electricity bill.

Likewise, due to the difficulty of obtaining consumption data from the installed electronic meters, users do not have the chance to react before receiving their electricity bill.

To help us therefore understand how we consume energy and how to reduce consumption, CIRCUTOR is launching one of the most innovative products on the market in recent years: Wibeee.



What is Wibeee?

Wibeee is a consumption analyzer (single-phase or three-phase), which uses a Wi-Fi wireless connection for obtaining electrical data to facilitate decision-making when it comes to understanding the use of electrical energy.

The unit can be attached to any part of the installation, which helps you to detect any problematic points where energy is not being used efficiently, thus making a significant contribution to the reduction of energy consumption via the remote activation of alarms when the desired limits are surpassed.

In short, Wibeee is the ideal tool to make your electrical installations efficient, for finally taking control and deciding where to spend your money. Finally, a device with personality. Wibeee displays everything you couldn't see before.


Once connected via Wi-Fi, you can immediately access the instantaneous data using your smartphone, tablet or PC, which allows you to view your electrical consumption in real time. In addition, Wibeee also sends all of the data to a server in the cloud server so that you can view and compare the various past consumption logs in a user-friendly manner.

With Wibeee you will no longer get a surprise with your electricity bill, learning to manage your consumption in a simple way.

Cable-free. Wireless system


Accurate measurement

Wibeee. Cable-free. Wireless system

  Wibeee. Accurate measurement
The entire system has been designed to monitor information over wireless communications networks. Nothing can come between Wibeee and you.  

You may be thinking that such a simple installation could result in loss of measurement accuracy, but that is not the case. Wibeee has a minimal error percentage and so is able to maintain the measuring guarantee that CIRCUTOR units have always been known for.


How will it help you?

Wibeee shows you the instantaneous and past electrical consumption data using any smartphone, tablet or PC, with the help of its integrated web server or via the free Wibeee Circutor app, available for iOS or Android. In other words, it enables a direct Wi-Fi connection so that you can view your data.

It is also possible to configure the consumption analyzer so that it sends the data automatically to a cloud server in order to log the data. With Wibeee connected to the Internet, you can view instantaneous and past data using your smartphone or via alerts configured by your smartphone. Connect to the web platform to consult your data, carry out analyses, configure your user profile, etc. The logs of the analyzer in the cloud are also fully integrable with any platform on the market.

Wibeee is therefore the ideal tool for making your electrical installation efficient, controlling and showing your savings and helping you to take the right decisions in terms of managing energy efficiency.

Consumption control, electrical savings


Comparisons are not tedious

Wibeee. Consumption control, electrical savings

  Wibeee. Comparisons are not tedious
Wibeee collects the necessary data on electricity consumption and helps you interpret them, know your consumption profile and save on your energy bill.  

Wibeee lets you analyse your installation(s) by making comparisons between more than one Wibeee or between different periods of time, if you wish. It lets you confirm that the actions you take for energy savings are getting their expected results.


It couldn't be easier to install, it's as simple as putting a magnet on your fridge!

The installation of any electrical metering unit can be a complicated task as it requires wiring space and time. Wibeee is extremely easy to install: in ten seconds it's done.

Our technology, which is attached via a clip, is based on the patented system DINZERO and consists of attaching the unit easily to the cable or simply to the upper part of an MCB (miniature circuit breaker). Once switched on, it will begin to convert the measured parameters into information that can be sent via a wireless connection.

Complex installations


Installing Wibeee

Avoid complex installations with Wibeee

  Installing Wibeee
Other systems require cabling of devices in small spaces with loss of accuracy and danger of electrocution.  

Just remove it from the box and place it near the switch. No transformers and auxiliary receivers and with the required precision.

Patented system. New technology


Wibeee. Patented system. New technology

  Wibeee. Patented system. New technology

Wibeee takes up no space. It's true.
No space in your electric switchboard.


It fits perfectly in any electric switchboard with absolutely no cabling.


How can you interact with Wibeee?

Wibeee logs the electrical parameters of the installation so that you can view them from wherever you want: from the computer in your office, via smartphone from the café on the corner or from your tablet lying on your sofa at home. Wibeee can also be integrated with the other devices that are compatible with the PowerStudio SCADA system.

The data will be logged in CIRCUTOR's cloud server or can be sent to your own local server, giving you the option of choosing the system that best meets your needs. Once the data has been logged, you can then access it via the following means:

Wibeee logs the electrical parameters of the installation




Device built-in web application for configuration and data monitoring. Query using the device's IP.


Web server application with database in the cloud. Query via wibeee.circutor.com



PowerStudio SCADA

Application specially designed to be used on Android and iOS mobile devices. Consumption control from everywhere.


Compatible with the management and data monitoring system. Can be integrated with the other units in your installation.

App Wibeee CIRCUTOR. Take control from your smartphone and tablet

The Wibeee Circutor app is used to register all of your Wibeee units to be installed, as well as to monitor consumption and other electrical variables in real time, or to view past data logs that the units have been logging in the cloud.

Wibeee Circutor allows you to connect your smartphone or tablet to the SSID network of each Wibeee, which will display some simple graphical steps showing you how to install the units, add them to groups and subsequently monitor them.


Once the unit has been configured, you can control it from any point in the installation, with no effort whatsoever, being able to check the status of your installation, past consumption and alerts such as excessive consumption of reactive energy, tripping of protection elements or faults in the capacitor bank.




Download App Wibeee


Descarga App Wibeee 

Wibeee CIRCUTOR portal. Take control from your PC

Once you have installed the Wibeee consumption analyzer, it will begin to send data to the cloud server. This data will be stored there so that you can view it at any time without needing to be connected to your own unit. You can also configure the unit via the web portal, generate alarms or compare consumption data with other Wibeee analyzers that you have installed.

Wibeee CIRCUTOR Portal

Once registered on the platform, you can access the various screens for managing and comparing your consumption data.

Individual management

The web platform shows you a general summary of consumption (energy, CO2 emissions and cost in euros), with the option of creating an alarm for excessive consumption.

You can also view incremental graphics of active power, cost and emissions (as well as exterior temperature from an external server) for any period, as well as being able to export the data in Excel format and view a summary of costs for the selected period.

General summary of consumption with Wibeee

From the web portal you can also view data logs for electrical variables such as: voltage, current, apparent power, active power, reactive power, active energy, reactive energy, frequency and power factor in any period.

View data logs for electrical variables with Wibeee


Once the different Wibeees have been registered, you can make comparisons between them to see which is the most efficient and what level of consumption is being logged by each one. This feature is incredibly useful in installations with a similar topology as the one that manages energy the best can serve as an example for the rest, helping to change bad usage habits.

In addition, if you install a number of Wibeee analyzers in one installation, you can segment the consumption data by use (lighting, air conditioning, power etc.) and check how and when you consume energy.

Control of devices with Wibeee




For more information, please do not hesitate to log on free of cost to our Wibeee portal:




Consumption analyzer WIBEEE (datasheet, manual, catalogue, etc.)


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