URBAN seriesRVE-QPC series

RVE2-P Series

Outdoor slow charging posts - mode 1, mode 3


Cod: RVE2-P


The vehicle charging posts of the RVE-2 mode 1/3 range require highly specific features in terms of robustness to withstand changeable environmental conditions or acts of vandalism. Likewise, in addition to these special features, they must offer adequate electrical safety measures for equipment with these features. To this end, CIRCUTOR offers innovative smart charging solutions that are adapted to the special conditions of urban roads, for all types of vehicles (two and four-wheel vehicles), which comply with the latest international charging regulations, while offering different solutions for each type of installation.
These solutions have also been designed to charge electric vehicles adapted to rapid charging of batteries, while complying with all mode 3 features, in accordance with the IEC 61851-1 standard, as well as with the electrical and safety standards for accessing, measuring and managing consumption


All outdoor places or these that could be used for any kind of vehicle parking (cars, motorcycles, bikes, transport, cleaning, …). An example of this could be public street, public outdoor car parks, outdoor car parks on big malls, airports, car rental companies, cleaning companies, etc.


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